Those of you troubled with "spiritual harm", are they causing you trouble with your neighbours!?

"Rapping Sounds"

"Paralyzed" when you're trying to sleep

"Poltergeists," etc...

Do you want to hear the voice of your loved one again...?

Those able to do "seances" are considered modern-day necromancers.

Why not put an end to those pesky inheritance battles?

Spirit Photography Evaluation

I will also evaluate any other possible cursed items you have and exorcise them!

Modern "Urban Legends":

The Dragger, Hanako-San, Kashima Reiko, Red Raincoat...

Your stiff shoulders may be due to a spirit on your back...

See us when you're not feeling well or for modern sicknesses

Advice About Stigmatized Properties

Deal with "psychological defects" before you move...

In order to avoid real estate troubles and protect the value of your property

Executing the Exorcism!!

We will do our best to reduce the spirit possessing you

Option A - Trial Course. A Mere 2,000 yen!!!!! (Tax Excluded) Outside of Offer Period: 3,980 yen

Option B - Serious Course. A Mere 5,000 yen!!!!! (Tax Excluded) Outside of Offer Period: 8,980 yen Recommended

Option C - All-Out Course. A Mere 12,000 yen!!!! (Tax Excluded) Outside of Offer Period: 19,880 yen

Refer us to a friend now and get an extra 5% reduction!! Also get an add-on exorcism for 20% off!!

Behold, Reigen Arataka's elegant special moves!

Salt Splash

Banishing Salt Punch

Aroma Runaway Express

Sorcery Crush

Employee Of the Month!

Spirits and Such Consulting's Employee of the month for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November!

Kageyama Shigeo!

Spirits and Such Consulting's Employee of the month for December!

Serizawa Katsuya!