It's good to
see you here.

Hello! I'm a 22 year old artist and 'Rancid Transgender Canine Man Dog Thing'(who would be literally unstoppable if he could be fucking arsed!) but if we're going to be informal, you can just call me Neo.

I had wanted to make a neocities page for some time, but code confuses me and it took a lot of trial and error to get here. The reason this site is not mobile friendly is honestly just because I have no fucking idea how to make it responsive or whatever, sue me.

This website is still VERY under construction! Some pages are filled with stuff and others are pretty empty. Feel free to look around and all that, you might find something nice.

This is a passion project to me, this website is both a personal hub and somewhere to put all my business links too. This place is way more interesting, but if you're a mobile user or you'd rather get straight to the point, I do have a carrd that you can use as a hub here instead.

While you are here, you should sign my guestbook. Or don't. I can't make you.

Update Log

  • 11/01/2024
    Happy New Year! The past couple days I've added some fun character sorters to my site!!! You can check them out here!!!. So far there's six of them, I plan on adding more in the future but finding all the images can be a pain in the ass... Enjoy!
  • 27/12/2023
    Updates on my big plant diary!
  • 13/12/2023
    Adding to plant diary today!! Posted some blog updates on some of my babies, and our first real plant picture! (The honour goes to Freddie!!!) Pls check it out!
  • 08/12/2023
    Began finally working on my art section! Had some more cool ideas for the site in general though I don't know how long it'll take me to implement them. Today I added a page full of OC art, yay!
  • 01/12/2023
    Added demon king page to Reigen's little section after I noticed in S3E2 that he had added a new page to his site!!! I liked the blue version of the layout that he made... wanted it on my own. I also made some new assets for the plant diary page.
  • 29/11/2023
    Added my own version/recreation of Reigen Arataka's website from the show! It took a while but I'm really proud of it! Reigen's theme will autoplay in that part of the site which I thought was a cool thing to add. I also recreated some of his assets from scratch! I also completely transferred my artist anarchy list over from carrd! Happy to have it on its own website now.
  • 27/11/2023
    Added more pages such as plant diary and art stuff!
  • 26/11/2023
    Wiped everything clean and started from sratch! No more confusing templates! This time I'm writing all my own HTML/CSS! I'm going to learn for good!