Some of my Favourite Songs!

Or a Spotify Playlist with pretty much anything and everything I like thrown in, if you'd prefer:

It's true! This is literally me irl. When you are fucking mean to me this is who you are being mean to. It's true.

Media I like!!!


DISCLAIMER i dont take kinning very seriously its more just a funnny way to be like oh hes fucking like me fr as far as im concerned . no i do not believe i am these characters idgaf


I collect figures and manga and stuff, if you want you can add me on MFC!
I also occaisionally update what I've been watching on MAL and Letterboxd!
I also love plants, you can check those out HERE!!!
This one isn't really a collection but you should totally check out my OCs and stuff imma plug my toyhouse

Other things I feel oddly connected to for no apparent rhyme or reason:

The colour red!

The literal planet Jupiter ?!

The ocean and a lot of things in it!

The plant kingdom and horticulture!

The stone Opal and it's cousin Opalite! Idk they are cool!

Animals! Canidae, bovinae, and selachimorpha are my favourites, but I really love all animals and value their lives which is why I'm a vegetarian! Several years strong!!

I also like to collect ethically sourced animal bones and some crystals, I just think they're neat!!

Other things that are me FRRRRR