Flora is pretty cool.


Calathea Concinna

  • The calathea concinna is an eye catching tropical plant with beautiful varigated leaves!
  • They love moisture, warth, and humidity.
  • They are medium growers, and can grow rather fast under the right conditions!

Freddie is growing some new leaves yet again! Two big ones which have yet to unfurl... Don't tell my other plants this, but I think Freddie has quickly become one of my favourite children. He's so beautiful and strong!! So majestic! My son!!!

Freddie was repot today for the second time since entering my collection! Dude's a crazy fast grower! The garden store employee told me that these plants are medium-slow growers but Freddie here seems so happy with the coniditons in my place that he can't help but have a growth spurt! His root system freaked me out ngl, I've never looked at calathea roots before and for a sec I thought the root notes were some kind of gross fungus infestation LOL - good to know that it just means Freddie's happy and healthy! He's grown a ton of new leaves in the little under 2 months that I've had him, and he's such a beautiful and striking plant! Papa's proud...


Asparagus Fern

  • The asparagus fern, despite it's name, is not a fern!
  • It's actually much more closely related to asparagus.
  • It's unusual leaves make it unique and eye-catching!

Opps be warned because vernon is getting big and strong... He looks great right now! He's reaching for the skies...

Vernon has been growing steadily recently. He had a huuuuge growth spurt when I first got him, but either it has slowed down a lil, or he's just big enough now that I haven't noticed. He seems to be enjoying the sunlight available on the windowsill, though I do move him back and forth a bit so he doesn't get scorched. This pattern seems to suit him well. Not much else to report here!


Parlour Palm

  • The parlour palm is an "easygoing" plant which was popular with the victorians.
  • As part of the palm family, it has a vibrant and tropical look.
  • These plants can be stunning once large!

OLIVER HAS A NEW LEAF - I REPEAT, OLIVER HAS GROWN A NEW LEAF. A BIG one at that! I think the fungicide is working, so I treated him with some more of it. I'm really happy! If Oliver can make a recovery I'll be so over the moon....

I'm so proud of him... Oliver, I'm going to do my best!!

Oliver has always been a mystery to me - seriously, these plants are supposedly easygoing but I've never had a plant give me this much trouble before... Oliver why... At the very least, I'm hoping that this time I finally got to the bottom of his many many problems, and it seems to be a fungal infection which I have already treated with some spray... He's going to need another treatment soon but so far so good - while the infection hasn't gone away it no longer seems to be spreading either. He could definitely benefit from more sunlight but with the fungus I'm hesitant to put him near my other plants. Sorry Oliver! I love the parlour palm, so I'm really hoping that the fungal treatment will sort this one out once and for all - I really did try with this guy!


Golden Pothos

  • Pothos is also known as the "devils ivy" due to how notoriously difficult it is to kill.
  • It is also incredibly invasive, if placed outside.
  • But indoors, it's an incredibly easygoing plant to keep!

Still no new growth on Goldie and there's one leaf that looks worse for wear, but I'm not too worried about it. Sort of just leaving it alone and hoping for the best right now.

A little concerned with Goldie really, and at the moment I'm holding off watering because I assume I may have overwatered her. I checked the pot and it doesn't look like there are drainage holes, so I think that's the problem. I'm going to have to put some in, so that she's not sitting in damp soil - don't want her to get root rot! Otherwise, I see some new growth but not as much as I'd like. That said, it's also winter, so I suppose you can't expect most plants to be having growth spurts right now.


Pilea Spruceana

  • This plant is also known as the silver tree, for it's shimmery silver leaves!
  • The almost-black-green and silver of the leaves makes for a popping colour that is hard to ignore.
  • These plants are fairly relaxed and enjoy weekly watering.

Edith is looking as sturdy as ever. I don't see much new growth on her, but I'm not concerned about it because she seems happy otherwise! No wilting since that time I forgot to water her, but she does like the windowsill sun!


Aloe Brevfiola

  • This is not an Aloe vera! This aloe is actually rather toxic.
  • Aloe brevfiola can grow into large bushes!
  • These plants are rather hardy and also do well outdoors.


Pitcher Sarracenia

  • The pitcher is a carnivorous plant, meaning it feeds on insects!
  • The lid of the pitcher has a sweet substance that attracts flies.
  • The flies then fall into the trap, and are dissolved by the pitcher's acids.

Pichi is growing some new traps! Good for her!!!

Pichi is definitely living the life right now. That garden centre was like a desert, which isn't great for Pichi because these plants naturally grow in bogs/marshland and do not like to be dry. I've been keeping her soaked well since she came here and she seems to be appreciating it vastly!! I also see some new traps growing, which I am SUUUUPER excited about !!!! I deadheaded her because she had a LOT of dead traps when I got her - though I was careful to only remove the ones that were completely dead for fear of doing more damage. I also fed her a fly that had been pestering me for a few days... between Pichi and me it's a win/win situation - not for the fly though. I'm very excited and happy to see new growth. Going to look into buying her some peat moss because I think she may need repotting come springtime.


Echeveria Black Prince

  • The echeveria is an attractive succulent known for the rosette in the middle.
  • These plants are native to deserts and hot places!
  • They are relatively easy to grow, which makes them very popular!

Samson is flowering! It's not springtime yet, and maybe he's a little confused, but this time he has grown bunches of pale orange flowers. They're very pretty! Thanks, Samson!


Echeveria Black Prince

  • "Black Prince" is a hybrid of Echeveria shaviana x Echeveria affinis.
  • These succulents are evergreen and do not hibernate!
  • The dark foliage is where the black prince gets it's name.


Echeveria Black Prince

  • The rosettes are distinctly star shaped, with notable points though they are not sharp.
  • Sunlight exposure must be maximised with all echeverias.
  • These plants can be fertilised, but bot too often!


Green Echeveria

  • It is essential that these plants are not overwatered.
  • If the foliage feels soft or mushy, stop watering immediately.
  • These plants are native to Central America, Mexico, and Northwestern South America.


Echeveria Black Prince

  • The echeveria can be moved outside in warmer months.
  • 'Black Prince' is also known as Black Hens and Chicks.
  • They produce bright orangey-red flowers!

Lord C. and Bob



Literally just a random onion

  • Most vegetables you buy in the supermarket can be used to create a new plant!
  • Thus creating more food in the long run. Supermarkets just don't want you to know this!
  • Germinate by storing in the dark, then build a root system in water and plant.

They're getting huge!! I wonder when the onions will be ready?