Do you really want to hurt me? No, do you? Does the monster prey at night? Does it feast on my flesh and bones? Will it pluck a rib from my torso with a Godly hand, as if I am lowly Adam and he the Creator? Does the monster want to strip me of my flesh? Each day it nestles itself between the walls of my tissue. It makes itself at home. It lives here, as do I. There is no room for me in this fleshy, jelly organ anymore, because the monster has made this his home, and I am no longer welcome.

I feel myself suffocationg, underneath my own skin. I no longer control my flesh and blood, and my words are no longer mine. I can't breathe anymore, and I choke on the black tar that it pours down my throat. "Time is up." It says, and there is nothing I can do.

Wolf can't fight off this monster for much longer.

"Suffocation" is a short oneshot comic about a young man and a very real monster. It's about a monster that could kill anyone, that creeps the globe, that haunts even those you'd least expect. It's about one man's struggle to survive with a violent monster over his shoulder, taking him apart, piece by unfixable piece. It's about Suffocating. Drowning. Dying.

"Suffocation" is recommended only for those over the age of 16, who are comfortable with the disturbing, the upsetting, and topics that may hit very close to home. It is not recommended for the sensitive or faint of heart. This is story that I have wanted to tell for a very long time.

Thank You.

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